table and chairs with grey and yellow fabric on top

How to Re-Cover a Chair Seat

I bought six of these Ikea ‘Roger’ chairs in 2014 for around £50.

The original cream seat pads were really grubby and I immediately covered them with black corduroy fabric, as I had a large amount left from a previous upholstery project.

I’ve been on the look out for something a bit more interesting and a quick browse on eBay led me to this Ikea upholstery fabric

table and chairs with grey and yellow fabric on top

I needed about 50cm x 50cm (20 x 20″) so I grabbed a 2.5 x 1.5m length of fabric for £15.

I cut out of each of the squares so the pattern would match on all the chairs and edge finished the squares with my overlocker. This was the only sewing involved in this project!

geometric grey and yellow ikea fabric square

All I needed to do next was remove the seat pad from the chair, cover it, staple the cover in place and fasten the seat pad back in place.

You can watch the whole process on this video, or keep reading below to see the transformation.

Underside of the Ikea 'Roger' chair
Underside of the Ikea ‘Roger’ chair
removing the screws from the seat pad
Removing the screws from the seat pad

I marked the centre of the seat pad with chalk so I could correctly line up the fabric print on each chair.

marking the back chair cover with chalk
chair pad marked with a X

And used a pin to line up the centre of the fabric with the centre of the chair pad.

Using a pin to mark the centre of the seat pad
fabric square covers the seat pad

I placed a few additional pins into the fabric to hold it in place, turned the chair pad over and stapled the fabric in place on each of the 4 sides.

chair pad partly covered with fabric and staple gun

At the corners I pulled the fabric tight, trying to make sure the fabric was as smooth as possible and then stapled the fabric in place.

It might look a little messy but no one’s going to be looking at the underside of the chairs!

Chair pad covered in fabric and stapled in place, a green staple gun sits in the middle of the photo

All I needed to do was put the seat pad back on the chair and secure it in place with the two metal fixings and screws… and then repeat for the other chairs.

Not bad for a few hours’ work! I even had a little fabric left over to make a placemat.

I’m really pleased with how they have turned out – they definitely brighten up the corner of the room.

Table and Chairs with ikea geometric grey and yellow print on the seat pad

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