Pattern envelope showing dress K6023

New Look K6023 – Version 1

I’ve finally made some dresses for me!

I bought some ponte roma jersey fabric around 2 years ago and it’s been sitting in the cupboard waiting to be cut up and sewn.  Over the last few weeks I’ve finally done it – I’ve cut out and made up not 1 but 3 dresses!

I bought a copy of Sew Magazine which came with New Look K6023 so I thought I’d use this pattern for my creations.

Pattern envelope showing dress K6023

I wanted a simple dress pattern so I adapted K603 to sew up my new creations.  I like the princess seams and midriff band but I’m not too fussed about the additional neck band or tabs at the waist  – they would be great on a non-stretch fabric but they weren’t going to work with the jersey material so I left them out.

For my first dress I used style D

As I was using a stretch fabric I opted for a size 14 instead of cutting a size 16 which I would have needed for a non stretch fabric.

As the dress was to be made in a stretch fabric, the finished garment wouldn’t require a zip so I had to make some adjustments to the back pattern pieces.

Skirt back piece with vent pleat

I didn’t want to have a vent pleat in the centre back of the skirt so I folded the pattern along the seam line (1.5cm from the edge) and then cut this piece on the fold.

large dot and solid line showing the fold line along the vent pleat
Pattern folded along the seam line and then cut out on the fold

I did the same with the back bodice pattern, folding along the seam line and cutting this piece on the fold.

Back bodice piece, folded along seam line and cut on the fold.

The front of the dress was a little high so I cut this down along the neckline.  I didn’t want to cut the pattern so I’ve drawn the line onto the pattern and then just cut the fabric. – just in case I want to use this style for another project.

Front neckline lowered to create a rounder look

I drafted a combined facing for the armholes and neckline instead of the separate neckline and armhole facings which came with the pattern.

Combined facing pattern pieces
Inside the garment – combined neckline and armhole facing finished with the overlocker and understitched
Close up of the neckline understitching

I also added an extra 10cm to the hemline as I’m quite tall and wanted the hemline to come closer to my knees.

I’m quite pleased with the final result!

I love this dress – the colour looks great and it’s really comfortable.  It had its first outing to the ‘Frocktails’ Dressmakers Social in Brighton a few weeks ago and I know I’m going to wear it lots more as it’s great for work and going out! There’s some pictures of me in my dress on the Dressmakers Social blog.

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